Attachment editor

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Attachment editor is a tool intended to maintain list of files assigned to tasks, notes or contacts. Picture below shows windowed attachment editor, but same functionality can be found in editor embedded in Task and Contact properties.


There are three types of attachments.


Linked attachment

It's described by full path to the file that must be present on file system. If database file is shared between different computers, you should make sure that path doesn't change (i.e. add files from shared network folders instead from local hard disk). On the other hand, in this case size of database does not suffer from attachment size.


Embedded attachment

Whole file content is written into the database (compressed). After adding it's safe to delete original file from hard disk and you don't need to think about access from different computers. However, you should be careful as extensive use can lead to large database (.aao) file. Size column shows size of embedded attachment. Note that actual space taken is smaller than indicated here as embedded content is compressed.


Folder attachment

Basically, it's same as linked attachment, instead it points to a folder - same guidelines apply.


Menu and toolbar options



Add Linked

Add linked attachment


Add Embedded

Add embedded attachment


Add Folder

Add link to a folder



Delete selected attachment



Open selected attachment in default editor. If it's embedded, it is saved to a temporary file first. If file is edited and saved (Modified time is changed), you can choose to update database with new content



Save selected attachment


Convert to Embedded

Convert attachment to embedded


Convert to Linked

Convert attachment to linked (you will need to choose path to save a file)


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