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Agenda At Once features powerful and easy to use filters. Filters can be saved for future use, so they appear as tabs at the top of to-do pane. By right-clicking at tabs you will be able to select an option to Save, Rename or Delete, and you can move them by dragging tab to the left or right.




Save filter


Add rule

Add another rule to the filter


Delete filter

Delete selected filter


Apply to Schedule

Apply this filter to schedule too


Match all / Match any

Match all or Match any of defined rules (AND / OR)


Each rule line contains three controls. Use first combo box to choose field. Second combo box contains list of relations (depending on data type of the selected field), and third control can be text, list or date editor, again, depending on type of the field.


You can remove specific rule by clicking at [X] button at the right end of each line.