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To-do pane settings.


Aggregate parent's properties

If checked, tasks with subtasks will not have own property values, but they will be aggregated from subtasks

Aggregate priority

If checked, priority of parent task will be shown as maximum of priorities of subtasks. Otherwise, it will be possible to change it manually

Critical "By" date marking

Mark "By" dates in red if they are near enough

Bold parent tasks

Format parent tasks as bold

Bold root tasks

Format root tasks as bold

Whole row selection

Mark whole row as selected

Animated open/close

Animated open and close node animation (could improve performance a bit)

Hide completed tasks

Don't show completed tasks

Completed tasks at the end

Sort completed task to the end of list

Horizontal grid lines

Draw horizontal grid lines

Vertical grid lines

Draw vertical grid lines

Strong grid lines

Draw strong (thicker) grid lines

Task color

Determine where task color will be painted. Possible choices: Nowhere (Color column only), Task text and Task background.


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