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Intuitive and powerful freeware PIM - to-do management and calendar software.

Agenda At Once Free PIM

Agenda At Once Free PIM - Features

Agenda At Once Free PIM combines the best aspects of other personal organizer applications. It's a complete PIM system, integrating to-do management, scheduling and planning, contact and note functions.

In addition, it is easy to use and responsive, while being feature-packed but not power-hungry.

With its optimally-designed interface, Agenda At Once Free PIM will rapidly put you in charge of your - or your team's - personal information. You'll be saving time and accomplishing so much more that you'll be wondering how you even managed without it.

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Top 10 reasons for choosing Agenda At Once

Agenda At Once Free PIM main screen with visible to-do, planner and notes

1. Complete PIM

2. Business-like, easy-to-use interface  Main screen reference

Customizing combined view in Options window

Personal information management (PIM) software is all about time-management: it is supposed to save you time. When we developed version 1 of Agenda At Once, ease-of-use was our primary design goal. With each new version, although we've added new features to make Agenda At Once a mature and feature-packed application, its ease-of-use hasn't been compromised.

Agenda At Once integrates to-do management, scheduling, planning, contact and note functions in one intuitive, combined view. It also allows you to focus in on any one of these functions with its configurable 'panes' interface. Agenda At Once will support whichever way you prefer to work.

3. Hierarchical To-do list  Help about to-do management

To-do inline editing
To-do task properties

4. Schedule and planner  Help about schedule and planner

Schedule and planner

5. Contact management  Help about contacts management

Contact management

6. Quick Notes  Help about quick notes

RTF (Rich Text Formatted) Notes

7. Powerful savable filters  Help about powerful filters

Powerful filters

8. Security and reliability

9. Customization  Application options

Options window (to-do page)

10. Other important benefits

For more info browse online help, Download for free or contact us directly.

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System requirements

Agenda At Once requires a PC with Microsoft Windows™ 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.