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It is possible to password protect database file by using Options window. If password is set, file is encrypted with powerful algorithm so anyone who wants to open it must enter a correct password. You need to separately protect all files with sensitive data, as unprotected files will still be readable by anyone using Agenda At Once.


Caution: if you forget password, we will not be able decrypt file for you. For security reasons password is not written into the database and cannot be retrieved.


In order to increase security we have implemented additional options. By default, user needs to enter password only at startup (or file open), but what if you step away from the computer for a while? You can choose an option to request a password each time when AAO is restored (At startup and restore option). Additionally, if you left AAO visible on the screen, it can be automatically minimize after period of inactivity. Although main purpose of this is to increase security, you can use it even if you don't use other security options, if you wish.


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