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Agenda At Once keeps all personal settings in .INI files, which means that you can easily transfer application and all becoming data to a different computer. This is particularly useful when you want to keep Agenda At Once on USB pocket drive (USB pen drive, flash drive, USB stick, USB memory, portable disk, etc) so you can plug it in any computer you come across and access your data as you were working on your own computer.


To accomplish this, you can change destination path while installing application or you can manually copy necessary files to USB drive. Point Windows Explorer to the installation path to find these files (usually "C:\Program Files\Agenda At Once" or "C:\Programs\Agenda At Once"). Here's the list:




Main application file



Needed if you want to use Global Shortcuts



Help file, copy if you need user manual



Only if you want to read "Tip of the Day"


INI files locations


Another requirement for portable applications is not to leave any trace on target computer. Agenda At Once uses smart guessing where generated files should be placed (.INI file settings, default save path, temporary path, etc). If it's installed to regular "\Program Files" (or "\Programs") folder, it uses "Application Data" folder (because MS Vista doesn't allow writing to it). Otherwise, if it's installed (or copied) to some other folder on disk or portable device, it uses application folder. For example, if AgendaAtOnce.exe is placed in "F:\AAO" or "C:\MyFiles\AAO", it will use same path of .INI files.




If you want to run Agenda At Once upon plugging USB disk, you can follow this simple procedure.


1.In the root of your portable drive create file named autorun.inf (if it doesn't exists already) and double-click it to open a text editor.
2.Add this text to it to add AAO to Autoplay window (Code 1):




open=AAO\AgendaAtOnce.exe /m

action=Open Agenda At Once


3.If you want AAO to appear in the context shell menu for a drive, add these lines (Code 2):


shell\aao=Agenda At Once




4.Save file.



Starting from Windows XP SP1, due to security reasons, program will not run automatically - user will still need to choose an appropriate action in Autoplay window
Replace path ("AAO\") to reflect your own folder
Feel free to remove "icon" line if you don't want AAO icon to appear
You can also remove "/m" from "open" option if you don't want to run it minimized
Command "action" is mandatory for Win XP SP1 and newer (otherwise "open" command would be ignored - see first note)
You can use either (Code 1 or Code 2) or you can use both
If you use Code 2 running AAO will became default action (double-click from My Computer) instead of showing content of a drive