Drag and drop remarks

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Drag and drop is an important feature in Agenda At Once that we paid certain amount of attention to. In this chapter, we will explain how it works.





How can be recognized?

What happens?


Another to-do task

Another task's description is marked as selected

Task becomes a subtask of second task

At empty (white) area of the to-do list

No secondary task is selected and no blue line

Task is moved to the root level

Between two to-do tasks (on the same level) *

Blue line between tasks

Task is moved between two tasks

Between two to-do tasks (on the different level) *

Blue line between tasks, but note small arrows at line ends

Arrow orientation UP: task is moved after first task (on the same level as first task)


Arrow orientation DOWN: task is moved before second task (on the same level as second task)



Date number in monthly calendar

Calendar date is changed and planner refreshed

Task is scheduled to the day that mouse points to

Graphical planner


Task is scheduled to the exact time (or day in case target is weekly or monthly planner)


* Indicated targets are possible only if Manual sorting is on


Scheduling explanation


When to do task is scheduled, this is what happens:


Copy of to-do task is made and placed into the schedule at specific date and time (working time if not specified otherwise)
Duration of second task is same as duration of original task
Both tasks become linked to each other
Number of linked tasks and scheduled duration are updated in the to-do list
In case of scheduling several tasks at same time, they appear one after another





How can be recognized?

What happens?

Planner bounds (without Ctrl key)

Four-arrow mouse pointer

Moving task around (changing time and/or date if multiple days are visible)

After pressing Ctrl key

Pointer changes to an arrow with rectangle that represents a paper

Task is "unglued" from the planner, and now it's possible to drop it outside (see below)

Anywhere on the schedule pane


Depending on drop target, task is moved to a specific day and time


Basically same as moving to-do task to schedule (see above)

To-do list


If task is linked to to-do task

Scheduled task is removed
To-do task remains same (except updated number of linked and scheduled duration)


If task is NOT linked to to-do task

Scheduled task is moved and becomes to-do task
Placement rules are same as applied in to-do task moving (see above)


We would like to emphasize different behavior when it comes to moving task from to-do to schedule and vice versa. This could seem illogical at first sight, so allow us to explain the meaning.


To-do task moved to schedule: "I want to focus on this task at a specified time". Both, to-do and scheduled tasks exists now (i.e. task is copied).

Scheduled task moved to to-do list: "I will not focus on this task at this time, and I don't know when I will focus to this task yet" or "I want to postpone this task". Scheduled task is removed, to-do task is created if it doesn't exists (i.e. task is moved).


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