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In order to keep your data safe, it is advisable to perform regular backups. Agenda At Once helps you with this by integrating Backup option which can be started manually or automatically, after specific period of time elapsed.


When this backup window is invoked automatically, 10 seconds countdown will start. If you don't take any action backup will be performed according to currently selected options.


Backup options are incorporated in database file (.aao), which means that backups can be accomplished differently for each file. When backup is performed, .aao file is compressed into .zip archive to save disk space. File name of the archive depends on file name of .aao file and date and time when backup is executed. For example: "Default 2007-12-23".


Note that because of this old archives are not overwritten by newer version. After some time you can find lot of old backups in backup folder, so you might want to delete them one in a while.


If you wish to backup file to a temporary location just this time, you can turn off "Remember list path" option.


Backup action needs exclusive access to a file to ensure that nobody else is changing a database.


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